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Habits. Thanks Chris Puyear. Like everyone, I struggle to change our habits, do things better, etc. You never know where to start. Do you say, I am working out 5 days a week, hit the ground running, and a couple weeks later it is 2 days, then 1 day…then maybe sometime? We all know the struggle, no matter the change we are trying to do.

No more Facebook, I will just look for 30 seconds and 20 minutes later your stuck scrolling through mindless posts.

So what are we to do about it? Thanks to a friend I thanked earlier who suggested a book, Atomic Habits by James Clear, I have one simple, and very big takeaway from the book.

2 minutes.

The book goes into more detail and lots of helpful tips about changing habits and why we do what we do. I Highly recommend you pick it up, download it, however you read books.

2 minutes. Simplify. Make your habit or start of a habit, a small, 2 minute action.

Easy example. From Easy to Hard.

  • Put on running shoes
  • Walk ten minutes.
  • Walk 10,000 steps
  • Run a 5k
  • Run a Marathon.

As you can see, first step is to put on running shoes. Small 2 minute action. Make that a habit, then add walking (even 2 minutes)…and so on.

Exercise…change into workout clothes once that is a habit, step out the door (go for a walk)…next step drive to a gym, exercise 5 minutes, leave. Then exercise 3 times a week.

You can turn anything you want to become a habit into a small 2 minute action to start.

You get the idea. Take two minutes. Start a habit. Change your life. Like reading a blog that took roughly two minutes to read.

Make it an awesome day!

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