Athlete of the MonthFebruary

Alexis O'Leary

Career: OBGYN

Years at FireTower Athletics: 6

I love that crossfit is for everyone. Infinitely scalable to every fitness level. It is exercise for life!

I was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but moved to Butte in elementary school where I went to Butte Central. I was involved in a lot of activities and sports growing up from 4-H, to horse showing, to track and cross country. I even attempted cheerleading for a semester (hint I was NOT good).  After high school I followed my sister and future husband Kevin to Gonzaga University in Spokane WA. From there I went on to medical school where I spent time in both Yakima and Tri-Cities WA. During medical school I married my high school sweetheart and discovered my passion for all things women’s health and decided to be an OBGYN.  In 2014 Kevin and I moved to Detroit for my OBGYN residency.  We had our beautiful daughter Zoe in 2017. After 4 years in Michigan we wanted to move close to family and I found a great job in Helena.  Our daughter Lea, born in November 2019, was the missing piece to our little family.  I firmly believe that my easy pregnancy, labor, and recovery was directly related to staying active with crossfit throughout pregnancy. After all, everything can be modified!

I started crossfit after the persistence of my father (who had started crossfit a few years prior to Kevin and I) that Kevin and I signed up for an on-ramp class in Pasco WA in 2014. I had always enjoyed working out but found that my motivation waxed and waned as I did not enjoy figuring out what to do in a traditional gym with all the machines.  Crossfit was great because of varied programming, personalized help from coaches, and the judgement free supportive community.

I love that crossfit is for everyone. Infinitely scalable to every fitness level. It is exercise for life!

My schedule now is a little unpredictable with a 3month old baby…give me all the coffee! Usually up about 6am. Feed the kiddos about 7am, daycare dropoff, and then to work at 8am.  Most days I am in office from about 8-4pm.  However, babies have no sense of schedule, they come when they want! Often, I am running over to the hospital to deliver a baby (which is one of the most amazing parts of my job). A couple times a month I am performing gynecologic surgeries. I aim for the 4:30pm crossfit class at least three times per week. Kids eat dinner about 6pm and off to bed from 7-8pm.  Then kevin and I usually get to eat our dinner and by this time are ready to crash. We watch a bit of tv then off to bed about 10pm.

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