Athlete of the MonthJanuary

Amanda Reynolds

Career: Administrative Assistant

Years at FireTower Athletics: 2

I have been a member at other gyms throughout the years, but I have never experienced anything like the people at FT

I have been married to my best friend, Paul, for over 17 years. I have two amazing kids, Rylee ( a Junior) and Kolter (7th grade). I currently work as an administrative assistant for the Department of Corrections. Everyday is something different at work and keeps me on my toes!! My favorite activities are boating and camping. We spend as much time as Montana allows at the lake. My husband and kids are all very active, and love playing sports. This is something that I never had.
I grew up with a mostly inactive family. My dad’s idea of exercise was his job as a contractor and also a hunter. My mom always told me I couldn’t do active things because it would hurt my back (a problem I have had since I was 11) or it would aggravate my asthma. For years the way I kept active was with my jobs (both paid and my “mom and wife job”). I never thought that I would ever go beyond that. That is until I started at FireTower.

Let me start off my saying that I FOUGHT joining CrossFit, I mean FOUGHT. My husband had been a member for almost two years before I joined and my kids were going for almost a year. I was a member at gym so I didn’t need or want to start CrossFit. I agreed to go to the nutrition class with Paul, and that was when I listened to Judy Siler’s story. She told me (and the rest of the class) that I didn’t have to settle. I could be even better than what I was thinking was “good enough.” I could be stronger, healthier, happier. Her story was what convinced me to try CrossFit.
After I joined I went and cancelled my gym membership. The lady told me that was probably a good idea since I had only gone 3 times that year. I had already done more at FT in one week than I did in an ENTIRE YEAR at that gym.

I love the people. I have been a member at other gyms throughout the years, but I have never experienced anything like the people at FT. They push me, encourage me, laugh with me, and cheer me on. CrossFit has made me stronger, both physically and mentally. I didn’t join a gym, I found another family. I just wish Paul had talked me into joining sooner.

My day is pretty typical. I get up drink coffee, yes this is first it’s safer for everyone, wake up the kids, run around making my breakfast and packing my snacks. Work day, and then my crazy 5:30 workout at FT.

The December before I joined Paul gave me a bracelet that says, “she believed she could so she did.” I have been living by that saying this last year. Every time I think I can’t do something I hear those voices of the people that have become another family to me. They’re telling me to keep going, and push harder.

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