Athlete of the MonthOctober

Debbie Hansen

Career: Rocky Head Start Serving Children and Families

Years at FireTower Athletics: 2

However, after meeting the coaches and hearing genuine words of encouragement, I found out the reason why I joined CrossFit and why I like Crossfit…..ACCEPTANCE and MODIFICATION. 

Hi!  My name is Debbie Hansen.  I have been married to my soulmate for 37 years!  We were blessed with one son, Heath, and a wonderful daughter-in-law, Shawni!  This year we also became Grammy and Papa to a beautiful baby girl named Emory Lynn!  Both my husband and I work at Rocky Head Start serving children and families.

My CrossFit journey really started when my husband joined in 2017.  My journey was ABSOLUTELY NOT, I WILL DIE!  I thought that he was a crazy man!  Tim would take me to the FireTower CrossFit Christmas parties (2017 & 2018) and I hid behind anything I could so I would not be noticed.  Later on, Tim decided to take a nutrition class from Coach Judy.  When he did, he then came home and told me how he was going to eat.  My comments were, “I am not a short order cook and will not be doing this only for you!  We might as well do it together”.  This decision was eye opening for me as I did see progress in myself by changing the way that I ate.  Then 2019 rolled around and Coach Judy was conducting another nutrition class.  Tim asked me if I would go to it, as I might notice something that he missed.  I reluctantly agreed.  When it was time for the class to start, Tim reminded me that they conduct a baseline.  I adamantly told him “I will go to the class but I am not doing a baseline in front of everyone!”  He said, “I know you won’t honey.”  Therefore, when class came about, I walked in to the gym with jeans, a sweatshirt, and boots on.  The class was great and I was identifying so much with Coach Judy’s story.  I really felt that God put me in this place for a reason…to hear her story and relate it to myself.  I started thinking about joining.  I really felt that I had two little Debbie’s on my shoulder saying, “you should join”…..”no you shouldn’t – what are you thinking?”  Utter confusion was in my brain but I wanted to hear more.  Then I heard Coach Judy say “baseline.”  I froze and looked around the room.  Everyone one was getting ready and don’t you know….peer pressure was killing me.  I took my boots off, did a squat to make sure that my jeans wouldn’t rip, and started rowing.  I DID THE BASELINE!  I was pretty proud of myself and very encouraged by Coach Judy.

I joined CrossFit in June of 2019!  I was scared to death!  If you don’t know me; I’m a bit older than the majority of the members and really was worried about actually being able to do the exercises like everyone else and also what I would look like while I was doing the exercises.  However, after meeting the coaches and hearing genuine words of encouragement, I found out the reason why I joined CrossFit and why I like CrossFit…..ACCEPTANCE and MODIFICATION.  When I finally realized that I just needed to do me and not compete with others…I was “all in.”  I also have 110% support from my husband which means the world to me.

My typical day starts with a 4:30 a.m. wakeup; 5:30 a.m. CrossFit (M, T, & Th); breakfast at about 7:30; making lunches, and then work until 5:00 p.m.

The biggest thing that I would like to share is that “anyone can do this!”  There is no criteria or performance level that one must have before joining.  The support that this gym provides is unexplainable!  An example of this support right now is that I have been having knee pain that has resulted in physical therapy (Thank you Noah)!  Even though I am working through this, I continue to go to CrossFit (at least 3x/wk) but need to incorporate different exercises or do a total different workout all together.  Kudos to Coach Jenny as she has been instrumental to me to continue to workout even if I’m not doing the main WOD.  She will create a new workout for me!  (And on a side note…she kicks my behind with her workouts!)  Thank you Jenny!

My last thoughts are this:  Try it!  Don’t limit yourself when you don’t know everything that FireTower CrossFit can offer.   My mantra….A BODY IN MOTION – STAYS IN MOTION.

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