Athlete of the MonthDecember

Emily Davis

Career: Nurse

Years at FireTower Athletics: 4

I love how we all support and motivate each other to work hard and make ourselves better each day

Growing up I was always active and playing sports. I did swimming, water polo, soccer, basketball, tennis, and volleyball. When I got into high school I cut back to swimming and water polo, and even played on a USA water polo team. For college I went to U of M to study, exercise science with a focus in physical therapy, but after river guiding for a summer and doing wilderness medicine, I decided to transfer to Carroll to get my bachelor’s in nursing. I now work as a nurse in the operating room at St. Peter’s, and assist with surgeries and all patient care in the operating room.

My friend Stevey brought me to my first crossfit class in June of 2015, shortly after FireTower opened. I was immediately hooked! Crossfit made me feel like I was playing team sports again, and I love how everyday is constantly varied so you never get bored with training. I’m very glad I joined too, because I met my husband, Kyle, here and we have now been married for about a year and a half!

What I like most about crossfit is the supportive community of friends this gym has given me. I love how we all support and motivate each other to work hard and make ourselves better each day. I also love how crossfit allows me to constantly challenge myself both physically and mentally. As a nurse, I believe crossfit also helps me tremendously in my work. By taking care of myself, I truly am able to take even better care of my patients. Being strong and having proper body mechanics keeps me safe when lifting and transferring patients, and holding positions for a while during surgeries. Having my nutrition in check also helps me fight fatigue and have more energy for my 10 hour (sometimes longer) shifts.

On a work day I wake up between 6-6:15. I eat a little bit before I go to work. My shift is 7am-5:30pm. I don’t have consistent times I get breaks or lunches, so I just eat whenever I get a 15min break in the morning, and lunch is for me is usually between 11 and 1. When my shift is over I head to the gym for the 5:30 class. Then after class I eat dinner, try and squeeze some yoga in, then go to bed around 9:30. On days I have off, I try and sleep in a little bit. I like to take my dogs out for a hike or long walk, coach the 4:30 class, then workout at 5:30.

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