Athlete of the MonthFebruary

Fred Geisser

Career: Chemet Corporation

Years at FireTower Athletics: 3

I know I am slowly getting stronger and improving my cardio vascular health.

I have lived most of my life in Townsend, Mt and have been married to Kristi for 41 years. We
have 6 sons and 1 daughter and 12 grandchildren to date. I have spent most of my work career
at American Chemet in East Helena.

I enjoyed playing sports in school and have always been physically active enjoying hunting,
hiking, swimming, cycling and coaching baseball and basketball. My wife and I have spent the
good part 4 decades following our kids and now grandkids in their activities.

I began Crossfit in November 2018. It was a leap of faith for me because I had no idea what
Crossfit was about. I chose it because it was close to my job in East Helena and I was wanting
to get more fit as I was approaching the third season of my life. I had previously held a gym
membership in Townsend but there concentrated mostly on aerobic training.

When I signed up for the On Ramp Jay was very encouraging as he led me through the basic
elements of the crossfit regimen. I was a little intimidated with the weight training because I
had no previous experience with it. However, I had read enough about the benefits of weight
training for our aging bodies that I knew I wanted to press (excuse the pun) into it.

My goal in Crossfit has been 12-15 sessions a month. The noon classes work best for my
schedule. I enjoy the variations in all the workouts and the camaraderie with the coaches and
the other athletes. Even though there are some days of dealing with DOMS I feel the benefits
of a good workout and I know I am slowly getting stronger and improving my cardio vascular
health. It has made all my other life activities easier and more enjoyable I want to maintain
good health and be around a long time to enjoy all God’s blessings in my life.

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