Athlete of the MonthOctober

Heather Snyder

Career: Director of Instructional Design

Years at FireTower Athletics: 3

The social part of Crossfit is often understated in my opinion. I’ve heard people call us a tribe; I love this tribe.

I am full-time working a mother of two awesome little girls, Jane (8) and Josie (6) and I have been married for 10 years to another goofy noon Crossfitter you may know, RJ. I work remotely as the Director of Instructional Design from my home office for a boutique training company and start-up called Endurance Learning and contribute to a blog called Train Like a Champion.

I have a rare birth defect that is hard to diagnose. Three years ago, I sought treatment and had difficulty getting doctors to take me seriously, which is common with this issue. I asked a provider friend for advice on how to navigate this process. She told me I had to prove I take my health seriously and suggested a Paleo diet and CrossFit. I started at Fire Tower in October of 2016 and the benefits have far exceeded my original intention.

Physical confidence is a freedom I never fully enjoyed before Crossfit. I now feel comfortable showing up at random aerial yoga classes, trying a new sport, etc.. without being intimidated that I will make an ass of myself. I still look like an idiot like any clumsy beginner, but at least I have the physical ability to keep up with anyone else.

As a remote worker I don’t see people much. I enjoy seeing other athletes and the comradery of our classes. Many people at our box have become good friends and even family. The social part of Crossfit is often understated in my opinion. I’ve heard people call us a tribe; I love this tribe.

And, in large part due to a dedicated workout plan in Crossfit, I did convince the doctors to help me through my diagnosis and subsequent surgery. As a result, I have been pain-free from this since December 2016. I came for this to be the end result. I stayed because once I started, I couldn’t get enough. Unless it’s overhead walking lunge day, I feel like I have had enough of those.

7:00: Up with the kids.

8:30: Breakfast, coffee, work.

Noon: Crossfit – My goal is four days per week. That can change if work or kids derail my plans.

1:00: Lunch

8:00: Dinner with RJ – Yes, we eat late. This is deliberate so we can talk about our day and enjoy each other’s company while the kids are in bed.

11:00-12:00: Bed – I’m a night owl, don’t be judgy.

Work happens all day throughout there. My schedule allows me to run kids around and go to Crossfit, but I make up for it during the rest of the day and the occasional weekend.

Work and family are hard to balance with a dedicated workout routine. We all have a lot of excuses not to show up. Give yourself the grace you need to if you do need that break, but also set your goals high. Even when you are fighting like hell to achieve them, it feels good to write that PR on the white board.

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