Athlete of the MonthOctober

Jamie Jespersen

Career: Engineer

Years at FireTower Athletics: 2

I love the ability to come to any class and feel like I’m at home with my people.

I was born and raised in Montana and met my husband (Adam) while attending Carroll College.  We just never left Helena after that.  We now have two young girls, I work as an engineer and love to serve my church.

After months of discussion with one of my co-workers, Casey Pearson Craig, about how she was able to look so fit (seriously…have you seen her muscles?), I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and try something completely foreign to me.  I had never “lifted weights” before in my life.  So, in July of 2017 I did my on-ramp.  I continued to attend FireTower CrossFit classes on a very inconsistent basis over the next 11 months and was getting frustrated with my lack of progress.  I finally decided I needed an accountability partner, who happened to be in a similar life stage that I was.  My dear friend Heather Snyder is one of the main reasons I have been both consistent in my attendance and continue to keep pushing myself.  We set up a system that worked for us, and after 3 workouts a week wasn’t enough, we set a goal of 4 workouts a week—that was her idea, not mine.  I went with it and I am so thankful that I did.

I love the ability to come to any class and feel like I’m at home with my people.  Life is crazy and I don’t have a set time to do CrossFit, but I know I’m welcome at any class.  Also, I don’t often push myself hard enough without outside encouragement.  I am fine going through the motions because even going through the motions is a great workout.  The encouragement I get from the coaches as well as each coach’s ability to work around my many quirks have been some of the sustaining factors of my repeated attendance.  I am still terrified of being upside-down, I am working hard to develop at least a little upper body strength and I continue to reverse what my children did to my core.  So you will often hear me say, “I can’t do that…yet.” Even so, I never feel inadequate or that I don’t measure up, because CrossFit is “infinitely scalable.” Lastly, I started attending the new nutrition class. I absolutely loved what it has done for my energy and am confident that the fuel I am giving myself helps not only with my workouts, but with my every-day life as well.

CrossFit, like life, should not always be taken so seriously. Many times I find myself feeling like a doofus and I simply start laughing, more at myself than anything else. Choose joy often, and after time, it will choose you.

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