Athlete of the MonthJune

Tim Hansen

Career: Works at Child and Family Services

Years at FireTower Athletics: 2

Tim graces us with his signature "Whoooooo!" every morning during class

Tim is a former Marine and currently works for state of Montana at Child and Family Services. He was introducted to CrossFit by a friend and has been hooked ever since. He enjoy’s the variety, physicality and direct coaching aspect of CrossFit. The comradery of working hard with others helps keep him motivated. He says there is a mutual respect amongst athletes at FireTower, regardless of age or ability.

Let’s take a look at a typical day for Tim:

CrossFit at 6
Breakfast at 8
Work 9-5
Dinner at 6
Cubs baseball (or any sport) if they are playing
To Bed by 10 p.m.

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