Athlete of the MonthApril

Kelli Carman

Career: Orthopedic Surgery PA

Years at FireTower Athletics: 7

It’s like a whole little fit gym family that develops, and there’s something to be said about the people you choose to repetitively get your butt kicked with over and over again.

I was born and raised in Butte, MT. I lived in Helena from 2008-2010 when I attended Carroll College, Missoula from 2010-2017 when I got my bachelors degree in Exercise Science from the University of Montana, and Seattle, WA from 2017-2018 where I attended the University of Washington to get my masters degree as a Physician Assistant. I was fortunate enough to return to Montana from 2018-2019 to do my clinical rotations for PA school. I moved back to Helena at the end of January with my husband and 2 black labs to accept my dream job as an Orthopedic Surgery PA.

I come from a very athletic family and played basketball, volleyball, and softball throughout high school. Getting in to CrossFit has really helped the passion I had for playing sports all my l

I started CrossFit in 2013. I started because it seemed like an awesome way to workout in a team environment. I was finishing my undergrad degree at the time and really missing organized sports. I had been involved with them my whole life up until undergrad and then played intramural sports in undergrad to fulfill that need, and then a great opportunity opened up to join a CrossFit gym, and I went for it.

I have taken breaks and gone to regular gyms here and there for various reasons but keep coming back to CrossFit and am hoping to stay and remain consistent this time.

I have always loved the friendly competitive side of CrossFit. It’s similar to sports where you feel like you are all on the same team, yet you’re using the motivation of the person next to you or across the gym to maybe move a little faster, or lift a little heavier. I have found that I work out much harder with the help of people around me doing the same workout.

I also love the community that comes with CrossFit gyms. It’s like a whole little fit gym family that develops, and there’s something to be said about the people you choose to repetitively get your butt kicked with over and over again.

CrossFit has a great way of humbling you every time you show up to the gym as well. The first second you think you have a workout in the books before you even start it, is the very workout that will leave you recovering on the floor in a pile of sweat.

Another added bonus that really attracts me to CrossFit is the fact that when you walk in the door, the workout is already written on the board. I like this for a couple reasons… (1) I don’t have to even think about what kind of workout I should do that day, it’s already decided for me, and (2) it makes me do things I don’t typically choose to do on my own. I tend to do movements or lifts that I like more than others more often if I am working out on my own and therefore, never getting better at a wider variety of movements

My “typical day” changes quite a bit based off work and whether we have surgery or clinic that day, or a combination of the two…I have liked to get to the early morning CrossFit classes in the past but due to having early surgeries quite often, I have been making it to more afternoon classes since starting my job.

Surgery days: I am typically in surgery from 7 am – 3 or 4 pm and head to CrossFit after                                         that, then home for dinner with my husband and enjoy my pups before we all                                      head to bed around 9:30pm.

Clinic days: I can make it to early CrossFit these days as we typically don’t start seeing patient’s until 7:45/8am…

5:30 am CrossFit, at work by 7:30 am – typically done around 4:30/5 pm, then dinner, husband, and playing with my pups before bed, and repeat the next day!

Weekends: I love to get outside with my husband and ski in the winter or hike/camp/ lake time with the family in the summer! I also love making it to Saturday morning partner WODs at CrossFit with my pops!

I am very fortunate and thankful for the way things have turned out in my life thus far, with one of the main things being able to move back here to Helena and be close to my parents, brother and sister-in-law, and my 2 wonderful nieces. It’s an added bonus to have so many of them attend the same CrossFit gym.

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