Athlete of the MonthJanuary

Pat Fox

Career: Law

Years at FireTower Athletics: 3

I like being able to maintain a schedule and to work out without having to plan—I can just show up and follow coach’s orders.

I have lived with my family in Helena since 2005. Most importantly, I am husband to my wonderful wife Holly and dad to three wonderful kids, Charles (17), James (15), and Maren (13) . Parenting, of course, takes a lot of time, but is well worth it. I practice law here in Helena. Athletics have always been important to me. I started wrestling at age 5 and age-group swimming a year later. Swimming took the place of wrestling. I swam competitively until age 12 and was successful at state and regional competitions (“Zones”). In middle school and high school, I played football, wrestled and ran track. In college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I lettered in football and wrestling. My hobbies now are hanging with my family, music (guitar, singing, and, recently, cajon—a percussion box), hiking, low-grade mountaineering, and skiing.

In law school (age 22-25) I essentially stopped exercising and didn’t change my diet accordingly. I gained more than 50 pounds. For the five years after law school, I didn’t do much and I started to realize I needed to be more active. About ten years ago (age 30ish), I started exercising more consistently. While I became more fit, I still carried excessive weight. About three years ago, I realized lack of time (circumstantial) and inconsistency (my fault) was resulting in only occasional exercise. The Jesperson family are close friends and I was exposed to CrossFit through Jamie’s involvement and enthusiasm. CrossFit had always intrigued me and I always made a point to watch the Games. One day in August 2019, I just decided to join FireTower. I can’t remember why, or maybe I didn’t know. I signed up, did on-ramp with Coach Judy and have been (relatively) consistent since.

I like being able to maintain a schedule and to work out without having to plan—I can just show up and follow coach’s orders. I like working out with a group, and particularly, the people I have met at FireTower. I like the fact we are in and out in an hour. I like the high-intensity workouts, which surprisingly have improved ”slow burn” activities (endurance). I really enjoyed going to CrossFit with my daughter Maren this fall before she started her ski racing season. Finally, I like the fact that CrossFit safely has improved strength, mobility, and durability.

Typically I get up early and have some quiet time: reading, meditation, contemplation, etc. I try to get 5:30 a.m. CrossFit session. I find if I get these things done, I’ve had a productive day by 6:30 a.m. I have a shake after CrossFit and share getting-kids-to-school duties with Holly. After that, I get to work and try to remain productive until 5-ish p.m. Then it’s home for dinner. Sometimes my evenings are low-key but most of the time, they involve some sort of kid shuttling or activities. I try to get to bed at 9 p.m.—I’ve found that gives me sufficient sleep for an early morning. Usually, though, bedtime is more like 10 p.m.

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