Athlete of the MonthSeptember

Quinn Holzer

Career: State of Montana

Years at FireTower Athletics: 2

I love having a structured workout that pushes me harder than I would on my own. I also enjoy the small group structure where everyone is supportive

Married with 2 kids (wife Dana, son Kellton (11) and daughter Astoria (9)
Quinn grew up in Montana, and has spent most of his life here, with the exception of 3 years in Bolivia
volunteering, doing community development work. Living abroad with family was an awesome
experience, but he has an even better appreciation for living in Montana now, and considers it an honor
to be able to work for the people of Montana.

Quinn knew he needed to do something. After returning from Bolivia, where he walked everywhere, the food was very fresh with an abundance of cheap, fresh fruits and vegetables, and living at 8500 feet in
elevation; He gained 15 pounds in the first 3 months home. Initially, he wanted to get in better shape to be
able to get back on my mountain bike, but he still hasn’t been back on the bike! He also had just read a
book called “Brain Rules” that highlighted the recent research regarding the link between physical
activity and cognitive ability, and he generally feels better when he is being challenged.

He loves having a structured workout that pushes him harder than he would on his own. He also enjoys the
small group structure where everyone is supportive and has gotten to know several people and look
forward to seeing them on a regular basis. Showing up early and not having to think about what he will do
today, but just diving into the workout makes this time much more productive.

A typical day for Quinn:

5 am alarm clock, small protein snack before workout
6 am workout
8 am work
4 pm head home for dinner with the family and family time.

Quinn encourages everyone who starts to stick with it. I hate seeing people start, do it for
a couple of months, and then disappear. He truly thinks many people would learn to love it and be so glad
they did, if they gave it an honest effort, and stuck with it through the frustration.

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