Athlete of the MonthDecember

RJ Snyder

Career: Engineer

Years at FireTower Athletics: 2

I hate to use this phrase, but Crossfit shifted my paradigm.

I was born in Billings, graduated from Carroll, and work at MDT. My 20’s was a blur of outdoor excursions, O’Tooles, traveling, and partying. I married my best friend Heather in 2009. My daughter Jane was born in 2011 and her sister Josie arrived 2 years later. My life has been the best. Working out was usually driven by intermittent guilt trips that consisted of cardio and body weight movements. I was a yo-yo worker-outer. I was also a yo-yo smoker.

I started CrossFit in February 2016 because my wife was making fun of me. She’d mock me for my 3-mile cross country skiing loops when I said they were as beneficial to you as CrossFit. (Heather, thank you for calling me out!) Luckily it also helped that we had recently and drastically changed to a Paleo diet (for health reasons) which gave us both a lot more energy. What better way to use it! Plus, during our diet turnaround, the constant drone of the benefits of weight lifting finally indoctrinated me. CrossFit seemed like the perfect workout.

I like the instructors (I’m talking to you Jay, Aaron, and Kyle. You too, Essence.). Weight lifting was a totally foreign thing to me and they have coached my form which has protected me from injury. They’re easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and give just the right amount of militant discipline I need to keep from slacking off. I can’t work as hard as I do without them. I like how CrossFit has made me stronger in all aspects of life and has given me a new bar at everything. I hate to use this phrase, but CrossFit shifted my paradigm.

Heather and I, coincidentally, each have had portions of our ascending colon’s removed for different reasons. Nerd fate! This results in us not absorbing as much water as normal. I do not let myself leave the house until I’ve drank 64 ounces of water. Staying hydrated is huge and you’ll see why:

I wake up around 5:30 and make a breakfast of 2 eggs or an avocado. Shower, coffee, head to work. Around 9:00, I snack on nuts. All nuts are welcome.
10:45 – Protein shake w/ 2 scoops of collagen
11:30 – Pre-Workout Fruit Drink (I don’t think this does anything. I just follow the herd.)
12:00 – CrossFit with the noon folks!
1:15 – Lean Protein
3:00 – Raw Vegetables + hummus
Head home
Do kid/family stuff
6:00 – 10:00 – drink wine, put kids to bed, dine (more lean protein + vegetables), more wine, sleep

Wine is my favorite food group, so I need to stay hydrated! Most of the time no gluten or dairy. Grains are thrown in the mix too. I try to eat foods high in Omega-3s and amino acids. Most foods we sauté in MCT Oil. Cheats consist of whatever weekly restaurant we treat the kids to. Tonight – Potato Ole Bravo!

Hey Noon Class! You guys are the best. Thanks for all the laughs!
Heather, Jane and Josie, I love you three! You’re the real reason I work out. I want to spend as much time with you as possible!

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