Athlete of the MonthMay

Ryan Domier

Career: Special Asset Officer at First Interstate Bank

Years at FireTower Athletics: 6

I cannot say enough about the friendship, support, and long-standing benefits I attribute directly to my CrossFit journey.

I have always had an active background from the time I was a kid. It all stated with the typical sports as a child (baseball, etc), none of which I particularly excelled at. I spent plenty of time fishing as well. Through the later part of high school I played golf (did not excel but enjoyed it) and soccer (finally something I was good at…a lot of running). 


After college I fell in and out of fitness routines, but found enjoyment in Spartan Races, and oddly enough, GoRuck events. If you know about GoRuck, you know. But if not, we can chat a little just hit me up. 


Of course the bouncing in and out of fitness regimens halted once I started CrossFit.  With having a sedentary office job, it was crucial I found a fitness approach I could commit to. The structure of variable workouts really hooked me and kept me engaged, as did learning new skills (weightlifting, gymnastics, etc).  


I  have most recently reignited my passion for fly fishing and woodworking.  I forgot how much I love the sound of a trout tail whipping the water surface and releasing them for another catch. I am remembering how rewarding it is to say “I made that!” in woodworking. 


My CrossFit experience has introduced me to a fantastic community and a fitness regimen that was easily adopted by me. I think I began CrossFit on a New Years Day WOD with my buddy Cody in January 2006. He and I would trade new physical challenges (“hey Cody you should try this Spartan Race” then he’d say “now that I experienced that, I heard of this GoRuck thing we need to try”), and he told me about CrossFit. That landed me in my first class not knowing anything about what to expect, doing a WOD that surely has been blocked from my memory. 


I bought a 10 visit punchcard, then promptly became a member after I used those up. I coached at FireTower for a few years and that was an amazing experience I will never forget as it was very rewarding to help people in their fitness journey. At the current time, solely as an athlete, I am facing the challenge of recovering from a slump coming out of the pandemic. It’s not been easy, but progress is progress. Further, heading into my 40th birthday in July I feel way better physically than I know I would had I not started CrossFit. 


At risk of sounding like a broken record, what I like most about CrossFit would be the community; but also the competitions, and knowing I’m working towards the healthiest physical and mental space I can achieve. The competitions in particular bring a lot of enjoyment, from forming a team (and especially coming up with the name of the team), training and preparing, and then the collective “buzz” from competition day is quite the experience. 


My typical day starts at a 5-6 am wake up, followed promptly with breakfast. My work day during the week starts between 7-8 (will not bore you with banking talk). I typically workout at 5:30 pm, because hey we’re quite the group.  I then will either research certain hobbies online or watch some TV and then hit bed about 10.  On occasion I surprise Jay in a random afternoon WOD when on vacation. 


I cannot say enough about the friendship, support, and long-standing benefits I attribute directly to my CrossFit journey. Jay and Juli run a great shop and I appreciate how they continue to stretch their horizons of coaching, support their coaches to also expand their knowledge base to include other related areas (diet, specialized courses such as gymnastics, and higher coaching level certifications), and are always looking to help the membership on their fitness journey. A big thank you to the coaches, members, and friends at FireTower for helping make the community what it is. 

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