Athlete of the MonthMay

Ryan Larson

Career: Respiratory Therapist

Years at FireTower Athletics: 2

Finally I bit the bullet and went in for a on ramp class, was hooked and I never looked back.

My name is Ryan Larson I am 40 years old. I grew up on a farm in Big Sandy, MT. I went to U of M for a couple of years it ended up not working out. I then joined the Marine corps infantry from 04-08. I went back to U of M and got a degree in Respiratory therapy. I have been working as a Respiratory Therapist
at the VA Montana for the last 10 years. I meet my wife at the VA . We have two children Damien 6 and Danica 4.
Growing up I played football 8 man at Big Sandy. I was not really into athletics until my mom got me it running and that started my love of working out. My experience in the Marine Corps helped me take it to the next level both mentally and psychically and they taught me all sorts of interesting stuff.
I started CrossFit approximately 2year 8 month ago. Basically I was looking for someone to teach me Olympic and power lifting movements along with the more difficult bodyweight movements. Asking around town someone recommended CrossFit. I began to check it out on line, this was before FireTower CrossFit was in existence. At first I didn’t want to pay that much to workout as I have a whole gym in my garage. Finally I bit the bullet and went in for a on ramp class, was hooked and I never looked back. What I like most about CrossFit is that it satisfies my need for a vigorous workout. Which helps keeps me mentally level and insulates me against stress so I can take on more challenges on a daily basis. The structured workouts and definitive start time are great for me as I have a hard time getting going at times. I also love the community even though I don’t talk a lot. It is much better than just throwing on some headphones and going to a conventional gym.

My typical day

06:45 wakeup
08:00 work
1730 workout
2200 sleep

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