Athlete of the MonthFebruary

Trevor Watson

Career: Manage Fish Habitat Programs for State of Montana

Years at FireTower Athletics: 3

We’re vulnerable yet strong, learn and teach, accept others and their fitness level, and help others stay motivated… the list goes on.

I’m an ’84 model from Miles City, MT. I am the youngest of four. I spent my childhood split between running around Miles City barefoot fishing the Yellowstone River and spending countless summers in Red Lodge driving draft horses and following my grandfather around. My time on the Yellowstone is where I found my love for fisheries and that is what I do now, I manage fish habitat programs statewide for Montana FWP.

I found my better half in high school. Jenny and I started dating the summer before our senior year. We have been all over the Pacific Northwest for school and work, but finally were able to make the return home to Montana in December of 2020. We are Eastern Montana junkies at heart but love our home here in Helena. FireTower and all of the members have been a huge part of this.

I started CrossFit May 30th, 2016. How do I know the specific day? It was Memorial Day and Four River CrossFit, like all others, was doing Murph! Jenny had already been doing CrossFit for awhile and wanted me to try it, at the time I was working out of town, so the Memorial Day holiday was my first chance. She was unaware of the workout, so she claims, and off we went.

Why I started is more important than when I started. I started because Jenny told me we were going to do it! No seriously, at the time I was working away from home during the week, driving a lot and not eating the greatest. I was the heaviest I had ever been (210ish – photo with my pup Gia on tailgate). Jenny and I were looking for ways to be healthier, something different then just running. We wanted to find something where we could meet people, the workout was already planned, and something we wouldn’t lose interest.  Mission accomplished.

THE PEOPLE and ENERGY! Fitness can be done anywhere, and it should be done anywhere, but what sets crossfit apart is the people you meet. The variety of people in the gym is crazy. People you would never meet in any other setting or have any converging interests with, suddenly become some of your best friends. Why? Because we all give a bit of ourselves at the gym. We’re vulnerable yet strong, learn and teach, accept others and their fitness level, and help others stay motivated… the list goes on. The energy we create inside the walls is incredible. I never looked around at typical gyms and felt impressed with how much work was being done. In those gyms it felt like every person for themselves, there was no heart, no synergy, no common goal. I don’t know exactly how it is different, but it is!

The other thing I like most about CrossFit is it removes all barriers. What do I mean by barriers? Think about the times you have been asked to do something physical. Prior to CrossFit I would ask things like how far, how hard, can I do that, should I do that? This is no longer something I ask myself, in fact the harder the better. I see opportunities to try something I have never tried before, or a distance I have never gone before, as more of a challenge then a deterrent. There isn’t much we can’t do, it really is freeing.

Jenny and I are awakened by our hungry, impatient, miniature terrorists at 6:44 every morning, and then our alarm goes off at 6:45. We let everyone outside while we make breakfast for them and ourselves. Jenny and I are dedicated protein oatmeal people and I need coffee. We head our separate ways to work and split the week up evenly for who has to come home and tend to the herd for lunch. After work we go enjoy the best hour of our day, with you all. I sometimes get to extend that hour by coaching, something that I truly find meaningful. We often eat a late dinner, either due to Jenny’s work schedule or the gym and walking dogs, but we are fine with this. Nights we properly adulted the weekend prior by planning meals we try and eat something balanced and tasty, if not, we wing it and eat whatever we can throw together or settle on cereal. After dinner we enjoy the hot tub, watch a bit of tv, or just chat about the day. Bed at 10:30-11. Pretty simple!

One thing I would share is that even though I have been doing CrossFit for 5+ years now, I am always learning new things. There comes a point when you think you are doing the best you can and it may be as good as it is going to get (in a good way, not bad) and then suddenly someone helps you with a small technical glitch and you have a breakthrough. I find this frustrating that it took so long, while also being amazed and inspired that there is still so much to learn and improve on! It really keeps me going.

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