September 2019

Judy Siler


Judy Silers success story

In February of 2016 I got some pretty scary news with regards to health.  I asked my husband, “Is this it?  Have I reached a point in my life that I just need to accept this and grow old gracefully?” A few days later, he said we should do CrossFi...

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August 2019

Ericka Alm-Thalmann

I can throw around my 250lb bike, instead of it throwing me around

Ericka Alm-Thalmanns success story

I am 42 and I grew up in Helena. I work at Mountain-Pacific Quality Health in the Analytics Department as a Data Reporting Specialist. I assist hospital staff with reporting their Inpatient and Outpatient clinical data to the Centers for Medicare & Me...

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July 2019

Erica Mercill

I am so much more confident and physically so much stronger because of CrossFit.

Erica Mercills success story

I am originally from Helena, MT. I went to school at the University of MT and obtained a degree in Spanish and in International Business. I also attended Whitworth for Graduate school and have a Master’s in International Management. I work as a Sales Ex...

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June 2019

Kyle Davis

The combination of movements and the feeling of accomplishment from doing even the simplest workouts is what kept bringing me back even though I was much sorer than I had ever been.

Kyle Daviss success story

I was born in Oklahoma and spent 12 years of my life in the Fort Worth area of Texas before moving up to Montana during middle school. I played High School Football, Wrestling, and Golf while attending Frenchtown HS. From there I went to Montana State Uni...

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May 2019

Ryan Larson

Finally I bit the bullet and went in for a on ramp class, was hooked and I never looked back.

Ryan Larsons success story

My name is Ryan Larson I am 40 years old. I grew up on a farm in Big Sandy, MT. I went to U of M for a couple of years it ended up not working out. I then joined the Marine corps infantry from 04-08. I went back to U of M and got a degree in Respiratory t...

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April 2019

Dave Gates

There’s just something about the feeling of Team at FireTower that keeps me dedicated and motivated to grind.

Dave Gatess success story

I’m 37, grew up in Anaconda, MT and graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman with a degree in civil engineering. I work for a consulting engineering firm and specialize in highway and street related infrastructure design work. My wife Katie an...

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March 2019

Kevin O'Leary

What makes crossfit so awesome is that it is for everyone; the workouts can be scaled in so many ways, it makes crossfit a great solution for anyone

Kevin O'Learys success story

I grew up in Butte, MT and went to Butte Central; played basketball, golfed, and ran track (high jump and 800m).  Went to Gonzaga for college and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree.  I lived in WA for 5 years, during which time I married my ...

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February 2019

Casey Pearson

Suddenly, everything else feels easy in comparison and I’ve become a happier more positive person because of it.

Casey Pearsons success story

I have always been one of those people that loves being a part of a team, I seek out things that make me feel like I’m part of something bigger, somewhere to belong, and that’s what CrossFit is to me. I’ve always been the most average athlete yo...

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January 2019

Missy Sampson

Before starting CrossFit, I had thought I was some sort of “fit.” I was not.

Missy Sampsons success story

I LOVE CrossFit!  I love our box, our coaches, new friends, and (in a sick sort of way) getting my butt kicked every day and wanting to come back the next! Before starting CrossFit, I had thought I was some sort of “fit.” I was not.  I have alway...

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December 2018

RJ Snyder

I hate to use this phrase, but Crossfit shifted my paradigm.

RJ Snyders success story

I was born in Billings, graduated from Carroll, and work at MDT. My 20’s was a blur of outdoor excursions, O’Tooles, traveling, and partying. I married my best friend Heather in 2009. My daughter Jane was born in 2011 and her sister Josie arrived 2...

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November 2018

Darlene Rushing

I decided that moment “I WILL overcome, I WILL get better, I WILL not allow my circumstance to take control of my life and my health."

Darlene Rushings success story

Hi, my name is Darlene Rushing… and I’m a 1 year Cross Fitter.  I was born in New Jersey, and have lived in Montana for 15 years. I am the Operations Coordinator for Iron Mountain Inc.   Iron Mountain is a global business dedicated to storing, p...

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October 2018

Jamie Jespersen

I love the ability to come to any class and feel like I’m at home with my people.

Jamie Jespersens success story

I was born and raised in Montana and met my husband (Adam) while attending Carroll College.  We just never left Helena after that.  We now have two young girls, I work as an engineer and love to serve my church. After months of discussion with one of...

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September 2018

Quinn Holzer

I love having a structured workout that pushes me harder than I would on my own. I also enjoy the small group structure where everyone is supportive

Quinn Holzers success story

Married with 2 kids (wife Dana, son Kellton (11) and daughter Astoria (9) Quinn grew up in Montana, and has spent most of his life here, with the exception of 3 years in Bolivia volunteering, doing community development work. Living abroad with family w...

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August 2018

Barry O'Leary

The personalized coaching is great, the fellow participants are supportive, and the variety in the workouts is challenging.

Barry O'Learys success story

Barry is married with kids and grandkids and works for NorthWestern Energy as their Director of Safety. Last summer, he was diagnosed with a restrictive lung disease (scarring on his lungs). The cause is thought organic in nature, although they have ne...

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July 2018

Peggy Rolfe

It does not matter how young, old, not in shape, to heavy, to skinny you are "JUST GET STARTED"!

Peggy Rolfes success story

Peggy is a paralegal by day, and a wife, mother of 2 and a grandmother of 6 by night. Her daughter asked her in October of 2015 if she wanted to do CrossFit and without hesitation she said "sure" and hasn't stopped since. She recently had a check up with ...

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June 2018

Tim Hansen

Tim graces us with his signature "Whoooooo!" every morning during class

Tim Hansens success story

Tim is a former Marine and currently works for state of Montana at Child and Family Services. He was introducted to CrossFit by a friend and has been hooked ever since. He enjoy's the variety, physicality and direct coaching aspect of CrossFit. The comrad...

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