Kelly Siler

Certified Coach
Kelly Siler


  • CrossFit Level 1


Kelly grew up on a small farm and spent most of his “free time” moving hay, carrying feed and cutting, hauling and splitting firewood. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, he was building functional movement patterns and work capacity. Throughout high school, he played football and wrestled, then enlisted in the USAF following graduation. Although his early years in the military involved physical training, that decreased as the years passed–along with his mobility, strength, stamina and health. Upon leaving active duty in 2008, Kelly became a federal law enforcement officer and attended training in 2010 where functional movements like wall balls, burpees and air squats were incorporated into the fitness program. After 11 weeks training, he noticed significant changes in his fitness level. It was about this time he learned of CrossFit, but it would take him another six years to finally make his way into FireTower CrossFit for his first “official” workout. Since then, he has made steady and consistent gains in his fitness. Prior to CrossFit, Kelly was taking medication for high blood pressure and constantly felt the aches and pains of 20+ years of military service. Now his BP is normal (no meds) and he is on the way back to finding that “farm boy” fitness of his late teens. Kelly’s decision to become a CrossFit Level 1 coach was based on his desire to help others learn about the lifestyle changes possible through CrossFit, ultimately helping them thrive in life…not just survive.
In omnia paratis – ready for anything

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