A few years ago as I rolled into my mid to late 40s, my right knee would swell after running and/or jumping a lot. No pain. Just swell, get tight, and make it hard to bend. For a long time I would voodoo floss it, stretch it, ice it and I would get by.

I figured after a while when I could feel the fluid in it, be relatively squishy like a sponge, I probably needed to get it looked at. Now keep in mind, I do not recall ever actually doing anything to my knee injury wise. Turns out my meniscus was having issues, small tears, years of basketball, running, jumping catching up to me. I had same day surgery. That same week I still made it to the gym. I did what I was supposed to do, nothing but biking for me the first week, then maybe some air squats and light movement the second, and progress from there. Now for the most part, cartilage when it is gone, it is gone. So, my post-surgery workouts have taken on new meaning. I try to limit my jumping. Don’t run quite as much, and if I feel any knee pain, I back off, adjust, and work on a different part of my body. In other words, you can work out even if injured.

Now mine was a pretty simple and straightforward injury. Others have had a harder time, yet still manage to show up and do what they can. Best example I can give is my wife. She broke her navicular bone in her foot a year ago now. She had surgery once, didn’t heal, and is now on her second surgery recovery. She is non weight bearing for 9 weeks this time in a boot and on crutches. Mentally that is hard for her, would be hard on anyone.

Knowing the importance of being able to move, she does what she can. Where there is a will, there is a way. Perfect example is the picture below. Everything can be scaled, adjusted to fit your needs during CrossFit. The importance of moving should outweigh any excuses you can come up with. Once you finally determine that moving and getting healthy is a priority you will find a time/way to get your workout in. It will become your identity. Even if it is 3 minutes of sit ups during commercials as you watch TV in the evening or taking that lunch break at noon to come to a class or walking your dog in the evening because it is good for you and the dog. So, keep in mind, you have the same number of hours as someone who has 3 kids, 2 jobs, 1 broken foot, if they can find time to move, so can you.

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