On Ramp

An introductory program to get you started in the core movements in our classes.
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Our On Ramp Program is an introduction to some of our core and foundational movements found in CrossFit. The focus is primarily on both bodyweight and lightweight barbell movements. We will teach you the basics, emphasize proper movement patterns and you’ll get a great workout too.

What to Expect?

On Ramp compromises four classes with between 1-4 other members over the course of two weeks.  During these sessions a coach will demonstrate and teach the foundational movements, assess your range of motion and help you find progressions for you to be successful and be safe.   Once you graduate On Ramp, you’ll have the basic tools you need to be successful in our classes!

Following On Ramp, you also get an additional 2 additional weeks of unlimited classes to round out a full first month of membership.  Plus, you get a free InBody Scan with your sign-up!

On Ramp - Our Introductory Program

Get started in CrossFit at your own pace

  • Intro to fitness
  • 4 – 1 on 1 classes over two weeks
  • 2 additional weeks of unlimited classes
  • InBody scan included


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