Selective Non Conformity

Interesting term, selective non-conformity. I heard that term on a podcast I am currently listening to called Freakonomics radio. What does selective non-conformity mean? Well, the short version is, “don’t care what others think”. In the books I have been reading lately and podcasts I have been listening to, there is a lot of similar themes to this. I have tried to do more of this in my life lately to see how it works out.

But what does it really mean? Do I just say FU to everyone I meet? Of course not. Broken down, you find the boundaries, rules, society lines you want to rule break, not care about, and be you. Life is so serious, yet we have no idea what we are doing on this spinning globe in the middle of our solar system with no idea what is beyond it. Making a big deal of anything is crazy, it makes more sense to go after life with a sense of “why not?”.

The more we can do the things we enjoy and make us better humans, the better off we will be. Being conformed to what others say we should look like, do for a living, or in general put us down because they don’t have a willingness to pull up their pants, get to work, and do what it is they enjoy and/or love without regard to what others think. Living this way can be a very liberating aspect to your life.

Now have I gone full Monte and completely taken this approach to life, well no. But 4 years ago, I took a very big step in that direction and bought a gym. I took a leap of faith that someone who had no experience in business, not a ton of experience in a health-related field could make the leap into a pretty decent health coach and make a successful business. I am still learning and striving to be a better me and to help as many people as I can, just more so now. I am trying to make that leap into every aspect of my life, and I hope you can make that leap too.

Make it an awesome day!


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