Jenny Fuller

"From the first class I was hooked, the coaching was exceptional and the people were friendly and encouraging."

Jenny Fuller

When I was introduced to CrossFit I was looking for something that my son could do year around to stay active. I watched him go for about 8 months and during that time decided that I wanted to try. I walked into my first On Ramp class weighing in at about 195 lbs. hoping that this would help me lose weight after 15 years of doing little to nothing and a herniated disc in my back. Of course I couldn’t do this alone so I brought my Mom with me who has always been my biggest cheerleader and support. From the first class I was hooked, the coaching was exceptional and the people were friendly and encouraging. I found that physically I could only handle 2-3 days a week but I loved it so I kept working wanting to be able to be there more. After about 8 months I had lost 10lbs. I was so excited to see the weight going away(think that was the ultimate goal). I was feeling better and stronger then I ever had even my back was feeling better. After another 3 to 4 months, I had not lost any more weight and my back decided it was going to act up. I was discouraged but realized after all this time I had not only been changing my physical appearance but mentally I had grown stronger. The scale no longer decided if I was happy. With the strength to not give up, I took myself to the chiropractor to fix my back. I had to modify what I did for a time, with the support of the doctor and coaches I was able to continue to do what I had grown to love. To address the lack of weight loss a wise coach and friend told me ” you cannot out exercise your fork” with that I started to count calories and track my macros and have lost 7lbs in the last month, I am down a shirt and pants size. I am just over a year and a half into my new life I can now go as many days as I want, my daughter and I go on regular hikes together and I even had the courage to tackle Murph. I have new goals set for myself and the support has not faltered from the coaches to my Mom being right by my side. My journey has just started and I look forward to seeing what I will accomplish in the next year.

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