Jenny Fuller

"From the first class I was hooked, the coaching was exceptional and the people were friendly and encouraging."

Jenny Fuller

When I was introduced to CrossFit I was looking for something that my son could do year around to stay active. After watching him I decided that I wanted to try. I walked into my first On Ramp class completely out of shape and with back problems that were causing more and more issues. From the first class I was hooked, the coaching was exceptional, and the people were friendly and encouraging. This was truly a no judgement environment. Over time I saw that not only was I changing my outside appearance, but I was seeing changes in my thinking and how I approached everyday life and that my overall health was improving. I can now see that the scale is not the only way to define health. The gym is not just a place to work out and get stronger physically but a place to meet likeminded people that encourage and support a healthy life in and outside of the gym.

I have been a member of the gym for about 6 years and have been a couch for the last 3 years. My outlook on exercise and health has changed and have made me more aware of what being healthy means. Being part of this gym, I have gained more than strength, I have gained confidence, knowledge, a more positive outlook for my future.

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