Missy Sampson

"The importance of fitness and more importantly, functional fitness!"

Missy Sampson

MIne is a story of two very different times in my fitness journey and the importance of each.  The first three years were about growth, gains, and pushing myself to my limits and then going back for more.  The last two years have been different, still pushing, just a different pace and with a new set of goals and expectations.  I had to have 3 feet of my colon removed two years ago, with that came a colostomy, reattachment and recovery. Around this same time I started experiencing knee issues from a prior surgery in High School.  Looking back I can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t been in shape.  I also can’t imagine what my recovery or fitness since this would have looked like.  I credit my ability to handle all my body has been through to FireTower and the people!  My body and more importantly, mind were strong because of our community.  When I was at my lowest, my friends at FireTower lifted me up. Our little gym is more than just a place to workout, it is a community, my community and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

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