So, in my many endeavors to learn, someone along the way told me to write every day. So, in an attempt to grow, my blog posts going forward will be my own. In the past I would find an article about this or that, or pay someone to have posts etc. I will write at least a part of a post every day and when I think they are good enough, I will post. So please bear with me as I grow as a writer, you will hopefully learn more about me, and maybe we will both learn how to be healthier along the way.

Sometime before social media and the dawn of serious cell phone use my stepdaughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. It is a form of autism. This was my first foray into nutrition. After lots of reading and studying about diet and your mind, we tried some diets out on our daughter. Now of course we wouldn’t be good parents if we didn’t eat the same way.  Two of the biggest things all the books etc. suggested to do first, remove dairy and wheat (gluten). Now mind you this was prior to your millions of options for gluten or dairy free, it was not fashionable, let alone accepted as healthy in the mainstream. The results, however, were eye opening. Almost all her symptoms had disappeared, she lost weight, it was remarkable. My why #1.

Shortly after my daughter, my wife and I were coming back from one of several mini vacations to Salt Lake City to my grandparents’ house to find a note. Grandfather not feeling well, ran to emergency room. So, we head to hospital, as I am walking in off to the left with a partially closed curtain is my uncle standing with a concerned look and a doctor raising his arm up over his head as we march to the waiting room. We soon learn that the arm struck my grandfather in his chest trying to start his heart. Heart attack. He survived that but started me down another rabbit hole of learning about your heart, what blocks arteries, and how to generally prevent a doctor from hitting you in the chest. Why #2.

As you age, your perspective on life changes, as did mine after having kids. As they age and I see the things they can do (splits anyone?), and the things you can’t do (splits anyone?) you begin to ask, “How do I get better?”. Better not only for you, but your kids. What kind of example will I be? Will I be around if they have kids? What will my life look like when I am 70, 80, 90? Trying to be a good father, husband, prolong my life, and wanting to do things that I want to do and not be limited by my health, you now have Why #3.

You may only have one why, or maybe many. I believe each of us should have a why and use that to our advantage to get healthier for ourselves and our loved ones.

Make it an Awesome Day!



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