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Can Exercise Be the Cure You’re Looking For?

Are you now dealing with a medical issue and wondering if there’s a more all-encompassing approach to treating it? Have you given strength training and other forms of physical activity any thought as a possible treatment? Let’s examine how this natural remedy can be just what you need before you write it off.

Do you have any ailments that you find yourself taking medication for, even though you could potentially be able to control or perhaps heal them with regular physical activity? It’s important to consider if what you’re doing right now is actually helping you.

Is Physical Activity the Key to Beating Type 2 Diabetes?

Regular exercise has been shown in studies to dramatically increase insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation. Imagine being able to cut down on your need for medication just by wearing your sneakers more often.

How about Hypertension?

Exercise that ranges from moderate to strenuous on a regular basis has been shown to help lower blood pressure, which may lessen or even eliminate the need for medication. Is your fitness regimen the best companion you can have for your heart?

Do you Experience Anxiety or Depression?

Exercise has been shown to have positive effects on mental health, including a natural uplift in mood and mental health. Could aerobic and strength training be the missing piece of therapy for you?

Do You Live in Constant Worry of Developing Osteoporosis?

Exercises involving weight bearing no matter your age, not only improve muscle strength but also boost bone density, making them an effective prophylactic against the deterioration of bone with age.

The Research is in:

Engaging in regular physical activity, especially when combined with strength and aerobic training, can significantly improve a variety of medical issues. My question to you now is: Is it time to think of the gym as your new pharmaceutical if what you’re doing isn’t providing the relief or outcomes you’re looking for? The journey to a healthier, happier you could start with the simple act of moving your body. Find out at FireTower Athletics how we can help you.

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