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Membership & Training Options

Many fitness programs offer ONLY a general approach that don’t take into consideration an individual’s needs or desires when it comes to their specific goals and workouts. What if you want to run a half marathon, complete a long distance bike race, enter a powerlifting competition, or simply feel stronger for everyday life so you can increase your longevity? Does your training program REALLY help you get there? This “one size fits all” approach can lead to a lack of confidence or confusion when stepping into a training program. People can see a lack of results or motivation, burn out or plateau, or possibly even get injured when they don’t have the direction they are in need of.

FireTower Athletics provides general group classes but we also offer membership/programming options that offer a custom approach to the class environment. Included are comprehensive assessments, goal setting, weekly check ins, and custom programming to fit YOUR needs with an assigned coach. It also keeps you a part of the FUN class environment and community that we all enjoy so much.  You can both have your specific needs and goals addressed while working out with others and at a fraction of a cost of one on one training only. 

Taking advantage of this approach when necessary helps you confidently attend each class, reach your full potential as an individual more quickly, and still enjoy the benefits of a great, supportive community in the class environment. This combination makes your time in the gym one of the best hours of the day.

FireTower Athletics Group Class

Group fitness classes led by professional coaches that provide you with a comprehensive warm up, workout, and accessory work to make you more resilient.

FireTower Elevated

FireTower Elevated provides you with exactly what YOU need for your workout in a group setting. We start by assigning you a coach and completing a comprehensive assessment and goal setting session to know exactly what YOU want and need. Provided are weekly check ins and custom programming to fit YOUR needs with your coach. It keeps the FUN and ENERGY of a group class with a CUSTOM approach.

One on One Training

We offer individual and small group sessions to help members reach their goals both in and out of the gym. We view fitness and health as one in the same and work with people in a custom environment to maximize results and create a unique training environment.

Drop In

Single Class or Weekly options available. *2 months prior gym experience preferred.

FireTower Athletics Kids

Kids will develop agility, learn body awareness, increase general strength and cardio through games, teaching, and fun/engaging workouts! We will teach your kiddos how to move well, work with others, and build quality lifestyle habits that can carry with them in the future.

Open Gym Only

Access the gym anytime outside of class hours with a simple click of a button through an app on your smart phone.

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