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Part One To Our Story

Like the average person, we didn’t know what CrossFit was, and barely knew that it even existed. We were pretty active, playing basketball, doing some running, the occasional hike. All the while thinking we where in pretty good shape for some middle aged parents of three girls. Then my wife got an invitation to try out CrossFit from a friend.

Part Two To Our Story

My wife is a determined individual. Once she starts something, she is usually all in if it is enjoyable or beneficial. She had been doing CrossFit for a month or so before she talked me into going. Typical husband, I am like, yeah sure, whatever, can’t be all that it is hyped up to be. Now, mind you, I have done some fairly serious running, played basketball a couple times a week for years, thinking I was in shape. Then that 8 minute workout at my introductory class kicked my butt and we were hooked.

Part Three To Our Story

Now we are all in. We have been coaching for a couple of years, and trying to convince others that CrossFit is the best possible thing for your health. We were presented with the opportunity to buy FireTower CrossFit, and we took the plunge. Why you may ask? Because in our life we have done many things and researched many ways to always improve our health. We firmly believe CrossFit with sensible nutrition is the single best thing people can do to help keep chronic disease at bay and help them live a long and happy life. The two most important things in life as we age are muscle mass and bone density, and there is no better way to do that than to lift heavy stuff fast, in a fun, non-judgemental environment, than doing CrossFit. Come join our family, and our FireTower Community for an hour a day, to make the other 23 hours easier and healthier.

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