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Judy Siler


Judy was introduced to CrossFit in 2016, and it changed her life. She is currently a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and is certified through Precision Nutrition as a nutrition coach.

What makes Judy successful as a coach is that she has been on both sides of fitness.

She was the unhealthy person and fought to take back her health and her life. It’s because of that journey, she can relate to people in a way many other fitness trainers can’t.

She’s been there.

Now, she is an athlete and strives to improve her fitness to achieve other life mile markers and other accomplishments that she, just a handful of years ago, never imagined were possible. In both 2020 & 2022, she won the the CrossFit Open for her age group in Montana.  And in 2022 finished in the top 4% in the world and moved on into the Quarterfinals where she placed 45th out of 341 athletes. Who knows what will come next!


CrossFit Level 2

Precision Nutrition

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