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VIOME Final Month of Challenge

Test results are back! My 6-month experiment of doing VIOME way of eating, taking their supplements, and seeing what over the 6-month window of testing (there recommendation) and seeing what the results would lead too. Below is the summary of results, and then after that my thoughts.

InBody Results:
Start 1/3			Finish 8/4
Weight		- 206.0		194.8
SMM (Muscle)lb 	- 98.8		95.5
Body Fat % 	- 17.1		15.0

Whoop Results:
Start 1/3			Finish 8/4
Average Recover - 64%		71%
HRV Average	- 36		50
RHR Average	- 54		47

VIOME Health Scores
Start 1/3			Finish 8/4
Good		- 25		27
Average		- 15		24
Not Optimal	- 20		9

So at first glance, the numbers are pretty darn good. If you recall, the first month I pretty much just tried to avoid the foods that where on my list, which was
37. This time around is only 28, with one only being 30 days. So, I get to eat a bigger variety now.

The second month I dialed in the portions of the food. There recommendation was 10 Vegetable servings, 6 fruit and grain, and 7 protein and fat.
I did a pretty good job of sticking to those, months 3-6. I would say about an 85/15 percentage of sticking to it. We travelled a bit in June and I still like my
Mountain Berry Bowl Saturdays in the summer!

Biggest things that jump out at me are HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and RHR (Resting Heart Rate). Those made significant gains, which are great signs of improvement. The 12lb weight loss is good too, I probably need to uptick my
protein as I said I lost 3lbs of muscle, but I am not any weaker in the gym so not too worried, but need to reverse the trend. So just more protein.

My VIOME scores improved more then I thought they would. I had 11 jump to Average from Not Optimal and 2 from Average to Good.

So, recommendation is that it is pretty decent plan to follow. The supplements are a bit expensive at $199 if you choose the vitamins and pre/probiotic, but they are
made specifically for your gut biome. So, maybe my next experiment will be to see what happens, with no supplements?

Either way, I glad I did it, gave me some education into my own body and how it functions, where I need improvement, how to go about it in regard to biome and blood work, which is always a win in the search for better health.

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