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Viome Health Journey Month 1

As the journey goes, the first month was relatively uneventful. I essentially treated the first month as a switch to what it was I ate. As you recall, I had specific Superfoods, enjoy foods, minimize and avoid. I removed all my avoids with 1 or 2 meals for the month, so I was a pretty good 99% compliant. We have had enchiladas with almond flour tortillas with a dash of cheese on them (avoid for me), but outside of that, I have removed all my avoid foods.

As far as how I feel, with the addition of the supplements, there was some additional gas (as It says may happen on the flyer) but otherwise, nothing to dramatic. I redid my InBody Scan, compared my Whoop HRV, Recovery, and RHR numbers to see if there were any changes.

InBody Scan:

Body Fat % up 1% from 17.5 to 18.4 and Muscle Mass down from 98.8 to 96.9. I thought about this one a bit and have determined I am a fruit junky. A lot of fruit are my Superfoods, so what did I do, I packed my lunch with fruit. A banana, blueberries, pineapple, mangos, 2 apples a day is probably a bit much. So, month 2 will incorporate the serving recommendation from Viome as well. This will be an even bigger change for me. It has 8 servings (3 oz of chicken is one serving) of Protein and Fat (Not a problem, I do that now), 5 servings (cup of blueberries as example) of Fruit and Grains (oops, I had closer to 12 probably) and now 12 servings (cup of snap peas) of Vegetables (I probably had 2-3 if I was lucky). So my biggest change will be to have a banana, apple, some oats, blueberries as the only fruit and grain I have, and will now be having 2 servings of snap peas, 2 servings of carrots, 2 servings of sweet potato, 2 servings of cucumber, 2 of peas, and a serving of celery or something very similar of the month. So if I turn green by the end of March, you will know why. Although, If I was a betting man, I am guessing my body fat % will drop for the next month, but that is why we treat these numbers as data points. You always need to ask yourself If what you are doing now isn’t working or giving you the results you want, then you need to change something. My change, eat your damn vegetables.

Whoop Numbers:

Here is where I saw the most benefit so far. My HRV went from 36 to 39 +8% positive improvement, my Resting Heart Rate went from 54 to 52 a 4% positive improvement and my average recovery went from 64 to 69% average.

Make it a great day and let FireTower Athletics know if we can help you with any of your health journey.


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